Become a Foster Family

Fostering a Springer in need can be a very rewarding experience. You get to personally be involved with seeing a neglected or abandoned boy or girl blossom into a confident, loving, healthy and happy companion that will make a fine new family member to someone special.

Most of the Springers coming into foster care in our organization are already happy little creatures, despite their situation; they are truly resilient creatures. Others need a bit more individualize training and socializing help.

Springers come into our organization in need of foster care for many reasons. Some are picked up as strays or come from shelters. These are often the needier fosters. They may need medical attention; they may need some training; primarily they need tender loving care, a home environment and affection. Some of our Springers come to us from homes that can no longer care for them for any number of reasons. These dogs are usually healthy, may require a little training, but again, primarily need love and understanding.

Some dogs need more time than other; a typical foster care situation is a couple of weeks.However, in some cases, where medical care is needed, the foster term may be a bit longer.

Fostering is one of the most vital components of this organization. It allows us the opportunity to observe each dog in a family environment, evaluate him or her for the best possible adoption match. And it gets that Springer out of the shelter environment to safety.

Fostering is not for everyone, it does require patience and love and time. If you have some of those ingredients handy, please consider becoming a foster home for ESRA. We will be glad to answer all your questions and concerns.

For more information, please see our National Website – ESRA FOSTER CARE PROGRAM, where you will also find an online Foster Home Application.

You may also contact our state coordinators for more information:

For other states, please see our national listing of regional rescue coordinators.

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