Dec 242009

Tyler was adopted by the Skinners and then returned because he was just too much for them.  Then after a couple of days, they asked if they could try again and came up with a plan to make it work, including installing a new fence, erosion control & committing to training and doggy day care.  I am thrilled to announce that things are working out beautifully!  A note from his new parents: “Last night we ALL slept in the king size bed.  No problems!  This morning, the kids played”. (Tyler and Bunzie)

Jun 182009

Lilly Ann was rescued by ESRA volunteer Tracey Dexter from the Cleveland Mississippi animal shelter on May twenty first.  She was reportedly adopted from the shelter when she was a pup and then stayed with her military family until they moved and returned her to the shelter.  Their records indicate she was born on July twenty-fifth 2007. After being fostered initially by Tracey, she was fostered  by Amelia Hudson, also of Mississippi, who said that Lilly was playful but gentle especially for her age and size.  She was not quite a year old at that time and weighed fifty four pounds!  But in August, Lilly had the good fortune to move to St. Augustine Florida to live with Shelley Hall.  Lilly came to Shelley in the physical sense via ESRA but Shelley thinks it was really fate that brought them together.  She believes their story holds a happy ending for both of them.

In June of this year Shelley had to make the agonizing decision to put her 14 yr old Cocker Spaniel, Toby, to sleep. Toby was a laid back, versatile dog and went everywhere with Shelley. She was her companion through the happiest and the saddest times of her life. Shelley described Toby as the dog love of her life. When telling Toby goodbye, Shelley’s 11 year old neighbor, David, described her perfectly saying, “Toby, you are a very good dog”.
Shelley knew that after Toby was gone, she would want another dog and, she knew it would not take long to be ready. Since she loved the water, a water-loving female dog was definitely her preference.  She was easily sold on Springers and she had also decided to adopt a rescue dog. Shelley started her search on the Internet and the ESRA web site.  She found Lilly’s face totally irresistible when she saw her on the web site. She had made a couple of other inquiries but, they did not pan out and now she knows why!  Fate intervened!

Lilly bonded instantly with her neighbor David and now they think they belong to each other. Her best friends are David’s two dogs, Shadow (two) and Spirit (six months). They play chase and tug of war and love to gnaw on each other daily. They come to Shelley’s yard to play and Shelley and Lilly go to their house for dinner often. Lilly’s other best friend is Zoe (four). Zoe’s Mom is Shelley’s best friend and they have a pool and a lake with a dock (but, that’s not why they love them of course!). The lake is where Lilly got her first swimming lesson. She acted like she’d never seen water before, other than what was in her water bowl but, with a little coaxing she quickly realized she was a Springer and started swimming. Now Shelley can not keep her away!

Lilly has a few nicknames-Silly Lilly, Lilith, and her Mom’s favorite, Lilly Liver Lips. She’s a smart, personable, beautiful dog.   Shelley says that you know you have a great dog when you’re complimented three times in the parking lot of a convenience store within five minutes.  Lilly never meets a stranger.  She loves everyone and in return, is loved by everyone.   She’s also a very silly dog and already knows exactly when Shelley needs to laugh. But, Lilly is very structured too, which is conveniently  something Shelley says she needed. She does not let her hit the “snooze” button more than twice in the mornings so now Shelley actually makes it to work on time. Lilly meets her at the foot of the bed with a big “vocal” yawn, that still makes her laugh every morning. Lilly brings toys and leashes when she’s ready to play or walk and when she’s ready for bed, she throws herself onto her bed and moans like an old lady. She does not quite get why the old cat that hangs out back is not amused by her antics but, she still brings him toys anyway. She’s persistent and sometimes even hard-headed but, Shelley says she loves her more every day. Lilly is more to her than she ever imagined or expected after losing Toby. Shelley says that deciding to adopt her was the best decision she could have ever made and she may even consider adopting a sister for Lilly to play with in the future.   Now that is a happy ending for two!

Lilly Ann’s photo gallery

Lily Ann update – June 18, 2009

Hi Barbara –

Lilly and I are both doing great!! It’s very nice to hear from you.  We’ve stayed busy in the back yard the last few months.  We discovered a wonderful thing called MULCH and have spread over 20 yards. FUN! Our back yard has pretty much become the canine romper room of the neighborhood. My friends say I should open a doggy day care. It’s not unusual for Lilly to have three or four friends over at a time. She’s quite popular … (-:

Here are some of her latest pictures! She’s such a good girl and so full of herself.

Jun 162009

The great news is that Samson went to his new home in North Carolina this weekend. He was adopted by a nice retired couple, Jack and Joan Boling, who will give him a quiet home which is what Samson needs. He does not like new situations. They live on a lake and a golf course so he gets at least 2 walks a day. Today when I spoke with Joan, she and Sam were on the sofa together – taking a nap! Samson left Mississippi on Friday morning (thanks to Bill Arnold, Amelia Hudson and Peggy Crowder) and ended up with Emily Pike and kept her company Friday evening. Emily said he was a perfect gentleman and houseguest. Saturday morning, Emily drove him to meet his new parents and the whole family came to meet him – Jack and Joan’s daughter, son in law and 2 children showed up at the rendezvous site to welcome him to the family. When they got in the car to make the trip back to NC – Joan sat in the backseat with Sam to comfort him. Thanks to Bill Arnold for fostering him and to all of those mentioned above for the transport and overnight to get Sam to his new home.

BJ – as you saw from Leslie’s e-mail (thanks Leslie!) BJ went to his forever home. I spoke with his new Mom today and she said he is fitting in perfectly! He is being fed 4 times a day to fatten him up a little so that he can withstand his heartworm treatment better. Leslie sent him to Lisa Brooks with instructions and supplies to cook BJ (now Max) chicken, rice and carrots! Thanks for fostering him Leslie!

Sue Schroer has been working with an older lady, Mrs. Brooks, in Thomasville, Ga. who needed to re-home her 2 Springers due to economic reasons. We have a contact in Thomasville who was kind enough to go and meet these dogs and evaluate them. It turns out that a neighbor wants the male dog and then Mrs. Brooks feels that she can keep the female and care for her adequately. Hopefully this will be a happy ending. Sue, thanks for all of the hard work you put into this.

Yesterday morning Amber Silfies pulled “Logan” from the Henry County Shelter.  After visiting Beaver Crossing and getting his shots, he is now being fostered by Leslie Allen. Logan is a beautiful liver and white boy who was turned in to the shelter by his owners because he was food aggressive with their 7 year old son. The shelter said they had no problems with him and his food. Leslie reports that he loves the water in their fish pond 🙂 and chasing the fish. She had no problems when she fed him. She also reports that he is very friendly and playful.

Tomorrow Becky Junkins will be pulling a male from the Chattoga Shelter. He is a young black and white male, about 50 lbs. That is all we know so far.

On a sad note, I received an e-mail from Herb and Catherine Sandy that Sweet Pea went to the Rainbow Bridge. The found out in April that she was in advanced stages of Kidney failure. They did all they could for her and loved her very much. They only had her about 10 months.Our condolences go out to them. Herb and Catherine are such wonderful adpopters because they like the older ones which are so difficult to get adopted sometimes because everyone wants puppies and the younger ones. Herb and Catherine – thank you so much for opening up your hearts and your home to Sweet Pea and for the love you gave her before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. Attached is a photo of Sweet Pea watching TV.

Last but not least, all of our foster homes are full at this point – the next Springer that we are notified of may not have a place to go which means we will have to leave him/her in a shelter. Please don’t let that happen. We need foster homes immediately – please let us know if you can help.

Have a great week!