Help with Transports

Transporting is a wonderful way to pitch in and help. Sometimes our Springers are hundreds of miles from the care that they need and can receive once they are in the care of ESRA. For that reason, we are always looking for volunteers that can help get our Springers from one area to another.

These transports often take on the look of a relay, with one driver picking up a dog and driving him or her an hour or two down the road to the next driver, and so on until this pup is in his or her new foster home. Other times, a transport may be to pick up a dog from a shelter and take him to a vet 30 miles away.

This is a great way opportunity for someone who would like to help out but does not have the resources for fostering and has limited time available. Transports may be for any day of the week, may be long or short, may be one dog or several dogs.

Transports are also very personally rewarding. When you pick up a dog from the shelter and take him or her to safety… well, that is a very good feeling, indeed.

While our primary focus for transports is getting Springers in need from shelters into foster homes, we will also help with getting our fosters into their new forever homes, in cases where the new home is far away from the foster home. There is another personal reward in seeing that dog off to a whole new life of love and security.

If you would like to volunteer to help out on occasion with transporting for ESRA, please contact our Transport Team.



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