Special Needs Springers

Some of our foster dogs are Special Needs Springers whose stay at our foster care may be longer than most. Many of these Springers need surgery or treatment for an illness. That, combined with long-term food and shelter, can cost a lot of money. Some are our Senior Springers who don’t get adopted right away. These dogs are extra special indeed, and we can use your help to provide for them.

When you choose to sponsor a Springer, your contribution will go a long way toward paying for the care of your new pal. You may designate your donation as a memorial tribute in memory of a dog or a person, as a gift to commemorate a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.), or to honor a friend. Donate any amount you want to, and only as often as you want to. It will help us care for that dog until he or she is adopted into a permanent home.

Your donation is tax deductible. You can pay online by secure credit card transaction, or mail a check.

Please check out all of the ESRA Special Needs Springers HERE.


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